Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes

A gearbox is an enclosed system that transmits mechanical energy to an output device, for an example a motor. A gearbox can be used to modify the ratio of speed, torque and rate of rotation sent to the output device. Gearboxes have a wide range of applications.

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Vulcan offers Industrial Equipment and parts for mining industries and cement industries. Vulcan also provides services for mining parts Manufacturers and Exporters in India & international markets . Vulcan Engg is also known for providing standard & customized engineering services and products for core industries like Mining, Cement, Steel and Energy.

Started in 1971 as a private limited company in Mumbai to supply mud pumps and drilling accessories. Subsequently, Started manufacturing drill pipes on a sub-contract basis. The First manufacturing unit was set up in Mumbai in the year 1984, Which was later shifted in 1985 to Anand, Gujarat. The company is ISO Certified since 1997. Vulcan Engg also supplies spares and gearboxes to OEM’s like Bucyrus, BEML, etc Vulcan Engg has Established their presence internationally since 2008 in countries like Johannesburg, South Africa & Chicago, USA.

Vulcan is a family-held business and our belief is that the values which govern a family should also direct our business. Our core values are the guiding principles that shape the culture and define the character of our company. They remain central to everything we do, from serving our clients and running our business to enhancing our brand and increasing our global footprint.

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Hydraulic Excavators
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Vulcan offers a wide array of replacement parts and upgrades for your Rope Shovels.
  1. Lower Works
  2. Swing Mechanism
  3. Transmissions
  4. Bushing Ferrous & Non-Ferrous and Pins
  1. Live Ring Assly
  2. Planetary Gear Units
  3. Accessories
ROTARY & PTO Gearboxes

Vulcan has a vast experience of about 3 decades in designing and manufacturing critical transmission products for cement, sugar, thermal power, wind power and many other Material Handling equipments. Vulcan manufactures gearboxes from 100 kgs to gearboxes weighing more than 70,000 kgs. Vulcan can provide the Rotary gear boxes for all the Atlas Copco, Drilltech / Sandvik and Terex make Drill Machines. Any other special designs can be undertaken on request.

Vulcan offers a wide array of replacement parts and upgrades for your Draglines including parts like
  1. Helical Gear Units
  2. Bevel- Helical Gear Units
  3. VRM Gear Units
  1. Ball Mill Drive
  2. Planetary Gear Units
  3. Accessories

a) Rotary & DTH b) Raise Bore

Vulcan manufactures Drilling Accessories since last four decades

With continuously upgraded material specifications and manufacturing methods, we have a best range of high performance drilling accessories for Rotary, DTH and Raise Bore Drilling. Rotary shouldered thread connection of the Drill pipes are manufactured as for API spec 7-1 & API spec 5DP.Vulcan offers drill pipes with thread joints having API monogram.


From beginning to end, the entire process chain of any plant requires superior performance and efficiency. Gearboxes of various types have to handle continuous operation, sometimes 300 days in a year and also to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. Vulcan offers highly reliable gearboxes for all processes involved in Cement, Thermal Power, Sugar, Steel, Material Handling or any other similar industries. Vulcan Gearboxes transfers high levels of power and torque efficiently.

Our Helical, Bevel- Helical, Planetary Gearbox & Bevel Planetary Gearboxes covering a wide torque range are available in various types with world class quality, highest efficiencies, global availability and at a competitive price.

We offer a choice to select from wide range of Drilling accessories for use in Blast Hole and Water Well drilling.

Vulcan supplies drilling accessories to the world class drilling rig manufacturers and drilling contractors. The expertise of selection of material and process yields & maximize returns to the mines & drilling industries.

Orkay Transmission, Ahmedabad, Gujarat based manufacturer of Worm Reduction Gear Boxes and Mechanical Power Transmission products which find applications in core industries like Textile, Chemical, Pharma, Cement, Rolling Mills, Mining, and Conductor Machines. Since its inception Orkay Transmission, has built up the reputation on the aspect of quality and delivery resulting in total customer satisfaction.

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